What does a Doula do?

As a Birth Doula, I:

  • Understand the natural, physiological process of birth.
  • Recoginze that a mother’s birth will be a memorable experience for the rest of her life.
  • Am aware that there is no “one size fits all” approach to birth.
  • Assist in preparing and adjusting birth plans.
  • Believe each birthing person should be respected in all experiences and decisions being made.
  • Provide continuous emotional, informational, and energetic support.
  • See myself as a nurturing and calm presence there for YOU!

Every Doula is different. Schedule a complimentary consultation to feel out if my services call to you

What is a Doula?

A doula is a person who advocates for the birth that YOU dream of. A doula gets to know you, your partner, & your birth preferences. This way you can have a blissful and memorable birth. A doula encourages you to expresses your preferences, questions & concerns to your care provider, as well as helps you make changes to birth preferences when needed or preferred.

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Why should I use a Doula?

Research shows hiring a Doula to be a part of your birth team:

  • Eases labor and birth anxiety
  • Reduces unnecessary medical interventions
  • Improves overall birthing satisfaction
  • Lessen length of labor
  • Creates greater confidence with breastfeeding

Refer to The Journey of Perinatal Education’s 2013 study, “Impact of Doulas of Healthy Birth Outcomes” (Gruber, K. J., Cupito, S. H., & Dobson, C. F. Or  A study from the Chochrane database, such as “Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth”.

When should I contact a Doula?

Finding a doula as early as possible in pregnancy is encouraged. This give you a chance to discover if they are a perfect fit for your birth team. It also provides time to build a wonderful and trusted relationship with your doula.

Once you have hired your favorite doula, contact them with questions and concerns. Once you believe you have started labor, call to inform your doula that you may be requesting their in-person support soon.

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Packages Avalible

The “Simply Doula” package entails the fundamental support of your doula caring for you!

The “Simply Doula” package becomes even better! This package includes your doula accompanying you to birth class or provider’s appointment PLUS creating unique affirmations for your birth.

For more nurturing, “Doula’s Deluxe” adds one-on-one time with mother. Enjoy a blissful guided yoga and meditation with this package!